Defining Me…. Part 2

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I decided if I truly wanted to take this journey seriously, that I needed to fulfill my promise of being transparent.

So last week I wrote my first blog post about acknowledging the need to define who we are after WE no longer fit our plans.

You see at the graceful age of 37, I realized that I no longer fit the blueprint that I designed for myself.  I suffered heartache after heartache, and secretly began to question everything that I did.  I slowly began to lose faith in my ability to make reasonable decisions for myself. I found myself at a crossroad.  I could elect to go down yet another rabbit hole, and change my name to Alice OR I could go down a new unfamiliar road.  I have undoubtedly elected to travel the unknown road.  WHY???? Because I am worth it.

You may ask how do you know that you are worth it?  I mean if you were worth it how did you find yourself in this situation?  You can say that I ignored the signs.  I am worth more than waking up day after day with a feeling of emptiness.  I am worth having the ability to be myself and feel appreciated.  I am worth having the opportunity to pursue my happiness, and live unapologetically.

The first step in this process was to capture the Good, Bad, and Ugly about myself.  I decided to complete a soul searching  exercise.  I asked myself the simple question, “Who Am I?”  EASY RIGHT…. NOT REALLY.  I recorded my responses on a sheet of notebook paper.  Here are a few of my answers:

Who Am I

I am a woman with A LOT of love inside that I take pride in sharing with people.

I am a woman that loves God.

I am a recovering Workaholic.

I am totally out of sync when it comes to relationships.

I am determined.

I am sensitive/emotional.

I am a total mess at times.

And the list went on and on.  At the conclusion of this exercise, I sat back and read over my answers, and before I knew it I began to cry.  I have never taken a moment to really look within myself and figure out what I was made of.  After every accomplishment, I failed to take a moment to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I have just jumped from one situation to the next without  hesitation.

A very good friend of mine (Mr. John Drew) told me several years ago that I needed to smell the rose while they are here.

So if you only take 2 things away from this blog today:

  1. Clearly define and gain an understanding of who you are.
  2. Celebrate who you are, right where you are.  Take a moment to smell the roses.

Until we converse again,

Remember to Live, Laugh, & Love

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