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I initially debated whether or not I would share my thoughts. Ā You see, I have been in a bit of a negative funk this week. Ā This week has been a challenge, loaded with long nights and early mornings, tight deadlines, and extremely rude people. Ā If I had a dollar for all of the moments that I just wanted to call it quits thisĀ week, I could treat myself to several Starbucks Venti sized coffees… SMHimages-4


I meditated on the following questions this morning:

  • What’s the point of me trying?
  • Why do I continue to overextend myself?
  • Do I see a means to an end? Ā When will I call it quits?

People look at me and feel as though I have it figured out….. NEWS FLASH: The more I tryĀ to accomplish, the more discouragedĀ I feel.

Ironically, I came across the quote featured above. Ā It reminded me that certain situations will test you, but if you know and accept yourself, Ā you becomeĀ INVINCIBLE to everything that could potentially impact your existence from a negative perspective.

Challenges that WEĀ encounter present an opportunity to sharpen and mold USĀ into the person that WE are striving to become everyday. Ā It is important for you to see that I am human, and I have crappy days just like everyone else. Ā How we emerge fromĀ those not so great moments revealsĀ a lot about who we are as an individual.

As I prepare to hit the reset button, I encourage you to do the same if you are feeling my pain. Ā WE are in this together.

Until we converse again,

Remember toĀ Live,Ā Laugh, & Love





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