​Random Thought 2/26/2017

I was once fixated on having a relationship. Everyone wants to share life with someone.  
The last several years I have encountered situations  that challenged my thoughts regarding who I am as a person. I have held on to encounters without acknowledging that it was over.
I have loved, lost, and learned. Through every situation I have been encouraged to evolve.  I  am transforming into someone grearter as a result of these experiences. 
You must truly learn to love who you are and where you are in life. It is only then that you will know how to love someone else.  This journey has been a lonely one, but truly necessary. It is during this time I learned to be comfortable in my silence.
My next encounter with a relationship will be very different. My significant other will know that I am more than their #1 Fan. I will support, encourage, cherish the moments that we make together, pray for them daily, leave no stone unturned in order to protect what we have, and live life freely while enjoying the roses that we plant in each others  hearts.
You see, I  understand importance of doing these things, because I  now demand them for myself. I thank God for the space to gain clarity  and insight into my own behavior.


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