Lesson Learned – April 14

Music: Apple of My Eye (Rick Ross)

Mood: Amazing

I recently celebrated my 38th birthday by traveling solo domestically.  I never thought that I would be doing anything like this by myself, but to my surprise I had a wonderful time enjoying my own company.   At the end of my trip I had a very unfortunate issues arise that upset me dearly.  To be honest, it ripped my heart out. Without going to far into the messy, emotional details I identified that I had (2) choices on how I could handle things:

  1. Handle things the way “I Always Have”  by being the person that goes above and beyond to satisfy others.  Placing their feeling before my own.


2. Value my emotions and feelings and protect ME.

I chose to protect ME, and I am happy that I did because by doing so I learned the following:

  • Know who YOU are and protect the ground rules you have established for YOURSELF… FOLLOW THEM.
  • Never waste time explaining who you are. Those that truly know you will never question your character.
  • Letting a person go my be hard, but holding on to them may be detrimental to your existence.  When people show you who and how the feel about you, Believe Them……….. LET THEM GO!
  • Remember that you are worthy of all of the universe has for you. Just keep pushing

It is funny how (1) event can change the course of how you interact with others, but most times it is necessary.

Accept the necessary changes and live unapologetic.

Until we converse again.  93105f8e5b940e2b2ed489ffae17da2d

Take Care,

Tiffany Ingram



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