Good Vibes….

Images taken from Google Search

Listening to: Crush (Yuna)

Mood: Relaxed

As I kick back listening to one of  my favorite songs, I have to smile.  I can’t recall ever feeling this relaxed.  It is as if the sun, moon, and stars have aligned, and God himself is smiling down on me.  Life is undoubtedly full of ups and downs, but it becomes extremely difficult when some of these issues are self – inflicted.

Over the last several years, I  learned that self -preservation was essential  for me to grow as an individual.  I began to hold myself accountable for my actions, AND how I allow others to treat me.

Know that you also deserve to find this inner peace.  You must be comfortable with knowing that everyone will not understand the “New You“, but it is OK.  Your journey is just that… YOUR JOURNEY.

I hope that you have an amazing day!!!!!

Until we converse again.





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