Ring The ALARM😲

Yesterday I felt like the entire day was slowly spinning out of control, and it became extremely hard for me to focus. No matter how hard I tried it felt as though I could not gather my bearings. As the day dragged on my chest started to get tight , and I actually thought that I could be experiencing a heart attack 🤤.

I made the decision to leave work immediately. I needed to catch a breather and FAST. I needed some quiet time to decompress. I sat in my vehicle for approximately 15 minutes in complete silence. I didn’t even realize that 15 minutes had gone by.

I have not been in that kind of mental chaos in a while. Luckily I knew that I needed to sound my internal alarm, and stop what I was doing.

I am sharing this with you because we all have those kind of days. Your body will warn you when things are not right. I encourage you to establish clear boundaries for yourself. Know when to walk away. You are no good to anyone or yourself if you are in that state.

Your overall health is the most important thing. Take care of you!!

Until we converse again 😘


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